Military-Inspired Tape Can Do Things No Ordinary Tape Can Do!

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Features & Benefits

  • Super-strong and durable
  • Creates an airtight seal that’s also water-tight
  • Perfect for outdoor repairs
  • Delicate enough for indoor work
  • Comes off easily without leaving sticky residue
  • Textured top layer serves as handy grip


Military tape

200 LBS

Supports a lot of weight

It's the perfect solution for all these:

Outdoor Repairs

Indoor Repairs

And Much More!

Introducing TacTape™

Everybody has tape. Tape for small jobs, and tape for big jobs. But can any of your tape repair a helicopter? TacTape™ can! Inspired by tape created for our military, this stuff can do things no ordinary tape can do — like support more than 200 pounds without tearing. They even used this kind of tape to fix helicopter rotor blades during the Vietnam War because it could hold repairs at speeds up to 100 miles per hour!

TacTape™ has dozens of everyday uses, too. From quick, temporary fixes to more lasting solutions. It also creates an airtight seal that holds up under pressure and is water-tight, too. That makes it perfect for outdoor repairs, yet it’s even great for delicate indoor work, and it comes off easily without leaving any sticky residue behind. Best of all, TacTape™ has a textured top layer so you can add a handy grip to tools or sports equipment. There’s just nothing like it on the market today.

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Quickly seals airtight and water tight
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  • Order TacTape™ Today!
  • Order TacTape™ Today!

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